About CSI King of Kings Church

The TNHB Colony (MKB Nagar was known as TNHB Colony in 70’s) Christian Association, Vyasarpadi was born on Christmas Day 1977 to foster unity among Christians of various denominations, to promote social relationship and grow spiritually.

The Association started Sunday School first in the residents of M/s Charles Chelladorai/Joseph, then moved to Late Mr.Dorai Williams and then to Mr. S.T. Rajan’s and later to Wisdom School in 1st Main Road (Thanks to Mrs.NaliniRaviprasad). In the beginning Mrs.IndiraniChelladorai and Mrs.Arockiam George helped the Sunday School Ministry and when more children joined, HBI took over. Youth Fellowships were conducted by “Youth for Christ”. Regular Women Fellowship and Cottage Prayer Meetings also were conducted. Sunday Worships started in the evenings and moved to mornings. Lenten Friday worships were also conducted. Pastors of CSI, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Malayalam/Telugu Congregation used to lead the worship. Conventions were also organized. The interesting fact is that irrespective of denominations, all participated in the Association’s various spiritual programs. Further, the CSI Order of Service was followed. The first evening worship was inaugurated by late CSI Madras Bishop Rev.Azariah, then Auxiliary Secretary of the Bible Society of India.

The vision of the Association was to build a Community Church where all Christian can worship irrespective of denomination. So, this Association, in the year 1980, approached the Tamil Nadu Housing Board (TNHB) for allotment of a site to construct a Community Church. After prayerful persuasion for about 3 years, TNHB was kind enough to allot about 5 grounds for construction of a Church in the year 1983. As the cost of the plot was about 2 lakhs, the Association had no sufficient funds and approached different Organizations viz. HBI, Gurukul, who can fulfill the vision of the Association. As this did not materialize, they approached the Church of South India as the Roman Catholic Church regretted its inability to buy the plot. The Association, with the support of Roman Catholic members passed a Resolution requesting the TNHB to allot the plot to the CSI Trust Association (CSITA) instead of TNHB Colony Christian Association.

The CSITA immediately paid one fourth of the cost of the plot and requested TNHB for handing over the plot. The TNHB insisted on making full payment. All our appeals for consideration in staggering payment were not heeded by the TNHB. Finally the plot was handed over to the CSITA by the TNHB in 1985 after CSI paid the full payment.

In the meantime, some Hindu brethren under the banner of “MahakaviBarathi Nagar Hindu Welfare Association” with the support of “Hindu Munnani” filed a writ petition questioning the allotment of land by the TNHB, exclusively kept for public purposes, to minority groups for building Church and Mosque and got a stay.

At this juncture, the CSI impleaded as a party and argued in the Court of Law. The Indian Christian Association (ICA), Tamil Nadu was also prepared to implead and requested Mr. Chandy Jacob, a leading Lawyer as its Counsel, but he felt that there was no need to implead separately and assured full support and guidance to Mr.Kanagaraj, the lawyer appointed by the CSI. In the meantime, the Christian Community here had regular prayers to win the case. By God’s Grace, the Stay was vacated in October 1985. Thanks to Late Mr.A.Rajendran and Mr.J Christopher who used to go to the Court regularly for coordinating with the CSI Lawyer and Late Mrs. Hannah Rajan who organized fasting prayer to win the case.

Thanking the Lord for the Blessings, the CSI and the TNHB Colony Christian Association jointly organized the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony on November 10, 1985. The occasion was graced by heads of various denominations.

Again, the Hindu Welfare Association appealed to the Court (Bench) and obtained Stay. The CSI again impleaded as a party and was successful in getting the writ dismissed by the High Court on August 1, 1986.

Our Sincere thanks to

 Late Bishop Rev.Sundar Clarke who accepted our request to take over the plot for CSI.

 Late Bishop Rev.M Azariah who was of a great support.

 Rev George Karunagaran, the Secretary of Madras Diocese who stood by us.

 Late M/s. S.C. Dharmaraj and Mr.Lionel Theodore, Treasurers of the Diocese who organized funds.

 Late Mr.S. Ponraj, Director, ECLOF for sanctioning loan to build the Church.

 Late Mr.G.Devavarm, Property Officer of the Diocese for coordinating with the Bishops/Treasurers.

The Rev. John Wesley was the first CSI Presbyter to co-ordinate with the Association in establishing CSI Church. The name of the Church, “King of Kings” was proposed by late Mr.Selvanayagam and unanimously accepted by the congregation.The Diocese appointed an ad-hoc Committee for the “CSI King of King’s Church” with Rev.Stephen Michael as its Chairman, Mr.G.John Samuel Devadason as the Secretary and Mr. Patrick Rollo as the Treasurer.The Committee decided to put up a shed with the assistance of the TNHB Colony Christian Association for conducting Worship and various activities. The erection of the Shed was completed in a record period of 3 days. On August 7, 1986, the place of worship was dedicated by Rev. Christopher Solomon, Chairman, Madras North Area Council, CSI.

As the congregation grew, this church incorporated with the CSI Diocese of Madras. Further plans were drawn by the , then leaders of the congregation for construction a new church in this colony, God heard the prayers of the congregation and miraculously provided the money for the procurement of the land. There were lot of oppositions from the local, extremists, cases were filed the court against procuring the land and public meetings were conducted in the locality opposing the church construction. There were incidents of people coming to disrupt the fencing work but thanks to God, the prayers of the church members changed the mind of the people who came to disrupt and they went back forgetting the reason of their visit to the church land On the day of inauguration the rains stopped just before the procession and immediately started once the procession ended which became a mighty testimony amongst the believers. Thus amidst lot of oppositions and testimonies this church was built for the Glory of God .